Tribal Costuming

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Come one, come all. Show us your triumphs, commiserate over problems & help out the newbies. :)

Discussion on all things related to tribal bellydance costuming- including makeup, tattoos, special effects, etc.. This is a focused forum so we don't have to sift through cabaret-related stuff as well as general dance stuff.

TRIBE ETIQUETTE: Any off-topic posts will be deleted. Off-topic is considered self promotion, event promotion, merchandising, and anything that is not Tribal Costuming. All Listings (advertising & promotion of ANY kind), & Events should be posted in the appropriate areas & NOT posted in Topics or in Photos. A first offense will be deleted & the poster will be reminded. Subsequent posts could result in your removal from the tribe.

Please keep all topic posts polite & respectful - we want this to be an open environment where all who want to participate are welcome. Rude, disrespectful or offensive posts will be deleted & could result in your removal from the tribe. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS: You must have at least one photo & one friend. No exceptions. RSS Feed what is XML?

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