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topic posted Wed, May 24, 2006 - 3:00 PM by  Leesahh
Has anyone placed an order from I found their website and all of their amazing merchandise and wanted to place an order with them, but was wondering if anyone has purchased from them before. I also wanted to find out about custom duties. On the Silvex website it says the the purchaser is responsible for all custom duties. I tried to call the US Custom's office to ask questions, but they were rude and not much help. Has anyone else had to deal with custom's fees? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I plan on placing a fairly large order, around $500.00 and don't want to be shocked and upset when I have to pay a horrible amount in duties.

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    Wed, May 24, 2006 - 3:37 PM
    That question has been asked here before, and the unequivocal answer was "don't!!!!" If you browse through this tribe you could probably find the thread(s) about it. I remember people saying that they got shipments that were different than what they ordered, stuff was broken or shoddy, he was difficult to work with, etc.
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      Wed, May 24, 2006 - 3:39 PM
      I'm distrustful just because of their website. Things are too cheap to be realistic, and the disclaimer 'you will not get what is in the pictures, but something similar' is on pretty much every page. It makes me wary.
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        Fri, June 22, 2007 - 10:10 AM
        I'm sorry... it actually says, you wont get what's in this picture, but similar? REALLY?!
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          Fri, June 22, 2007 - 10:49 AM
          Seriously! Don't expect to get what you see in the photos at all. (that might be a good thing as alot of his stuff looks very cheap and sloppy in the photos! ;)
          If you get jewlery from him be expected to sort through dozens of crappy items to find the 1 jewel in the rough. You are better off buying individual pieces sold by U.S. vendors. The price might seem higher, but not compared to purchasing $200 worth of junk from Pakistan to try and slavage a few pieces to make up for your loss of time and money.
          His clothes also stink like mold. Not good at all.
          When I opened the box I was worried that I might catch some weird fungus from Pakistan!!! :o)
          I feel bad, as I used to work with him a few years back. He was not as bad back then as now. He went way down. I think the market is sucking up alot of the Tribal textiles and jewlery and the pickings are getting slim.
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            Fri, June 22, 2007 - 1:19 PM
            Dear Scarlet's Lounge,
            I am a whole sale seller of tribal kuchi & central asian Jewelery, textiles from Pakistan. I just want to draw your attention to your following comments that were really hurting and offensive for any Pakistani like me;

            "When I opened the box I was worried that I might catch some weird fungus from Pakistan!!! :o) "

            You have all the right to complaint about any Pakistani seller that may have deceived you in bussiness or may have committed bad bussiness ethics but i think one should not say such offensive comments about anybody's country. what would you feel if somebody make the same comment about your country?? Obviously it would hurt......... so please while commenting about individuals you should not say offensive words like you used for a nation or country. Your comments suggest as if all the fungus of the world is comming from Pakistan or as if Pakistan is full of some kind of weired funguses. I am deeply hurt and felt an offense when i read these comments from you.

            I am a whole seller too and i belong from Pakistan aswell and I am proud to qoute that most popular American tribal vendors are my satisfied clients for almost 4-5 years now. Some that i am allowed to name are ;
            Shimmy bliss costuming,
            Red camel,
            Nomadic passion,
   , T
            ribal-uk /tribal downunder
            and some other big well known and reputable ATS bussinesses in USA that i am not allowed to name are my proud clients. So all i want to say is that all people may not be good in any country but that does not mean the whole country has No Ethical people. i think buyers should also not just go after extremly cheap prices but they should make a good research about various oversease suppliers and deal only with only reputable suppliers that have good reputation among the ATS community and who are doing ethical bussiness and have repuration among buyers.

            I am not trying to support here any Pakistani seller that may have bad bussiness ethics because i do not know them but what i am trying to say is that even in your country all vendors may not be good bussiness people but that does mean that i should conclude from this that the whole country or nation is un-ethical..... I think hurting words about nations should not be avoided ..........good and bad people are in every nation.......not just in Pakistan:) Pakistan is a lovely country and a loving nation ......just come here and see for yourself.... i am sure once you come pakistan you would fall in love with Pakistan........if you don't belive me just ask V.J Supra (the founder of who visited us here in Pakistan many times;)

            Lots of Love from Pakistan.
            have a nice day
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              Fri, June 22, 2007 - 2:10 PM
              Hello Vicky, the comments have nothing to do with Pakistan.
              This topic is directly related to another merchant who many people have had bad experiences with.
              Im sorry if you take offense, but please understand that I work with many manufacturers overseas, India, Thailand, Pakistan and Egypt.
              I do support honest overseas vendors.
              The fungus was related to the moldy fabric, not being from Pakistan. I would have said the same thing if the fabric came from the U.S. or anyplace else for that matter.
              I would love to see your product line and I am always looking for GOOD AND HONEST distributors in this market.
              Thank you for you response and I hope I cleared things up.
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              Thu, July 5, 2007 - 8:29 PM

              You are right. Honesty and dishonesty have nothing to do with countries and everything to do with individuals. All one has to do is a search for " ebay ethics " right here on to see how widespread dishonesty is among businesses in the U.S. as well.
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    Wed, May 24, 2006 - 4:26 PM
    That's funny, cuz I was just asking about the how-tos of vending on the Biz of Bellydance tribe, and without me even asking, was was brought up. I was warned to never, ever buy from them! Some of their stuff looks cool and may be at a good price, but people were unsatisfied with the items, or got the wrong order, or this and that........One lady had been warned about them, but tried anyway, and now she will never buy from them again!

    Anyway, it seems that this vendor has made a bad name for themselves, so I'm gonna stay away and I'd advise you to not take any chances with them.
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      Thu, May 25, 2006 - 5:28 AM
      About those picture on his site - you do a search for him on tribe, you'll find out from other topics that he stole all his good pictures from other tribal vendor's web pages, (many of whom are here on tribe to say so in person) and even a few that had the web owner's families in them. One lady said he refuses to take down a picture of her daughter in her tribal jewelry. Considering how hard I worked to get good pictures of my stuff, I can't imagine how nuts I;d get over havig them stolen by a competitor who left our faces in them.

      I'll be honest, when he sent out emails to al the vendors on ebay, I was all excited, then he said he could mass produce my cholis for $10 a pop if i ordered 100, and I was all excited, but he said he supplied this big list of other, more well known dance vendors, and when I asked about a contract to protect my patterns/designs from being sold to these other vendors, he made this big deal about how 'they don't do contracts, and they go by the honor system, etc' like I was some evil distrustful American. So I got nervous and copped out. (We were talking $1000 plus shipping, to a stranger, ya know!) Then I found out he DOESN'T supply Sirik, or Tribal Maxx, or any of the names he claimed to. And then here on Tribe I hear about he picture thing, and the broken jewelry and 'lost' orders, and I'm just SO glad I dodged that bullet, but I still resent his jerking my chain and lying to me about all this stuff.
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    Thu, May 25, 2006 - 7:55 AM
    Thanks for all of the replies and info!! I may just be safer to buy from another vendor even if it is more expensive. I have a good dealer for wholesale kuchi jewelry but I was most interested in the fluffy cotton skirts and other clothing items. Oh well, my wallet will just have to understand! =)
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      Thu, May 25, 2006 - 3:26 PM
      I know it's least you got lucky & saved yourself from possible giref! :)

      Why can't this man be forced to take down the pics? I would try to sue his a$$! How crazy (and creepy) to have your daughter's image on his website! The way I see it, he is not a good businessman and needs to be penalized. It's not fair to costumers or other vendors what he is doing.....sigh
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        Fri, May 26, 2006 - 1:52 AM
        yes, but this man lives and does business over there, and we have nointernational laws regarding copyrights, apparently. And those we have aren't enforceable, hence the billions of dollars made on bootleg DVDs and such. How do you sue someone in another country? The most penalty we can give him is to spread the word, and deny him our business dollars. Beyond that, there's not much to be done, or it would have been done by now.
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          Fri, May 26, 2006 - 4:09 AM
          - (I'm sorry for my english) -
          I'm french and order some jewelry and belt from Silvex (about 250 $) three months ago.
          The first time I contact him (his name is Nabeel), he didn't answer to my email. But the second time, he was very efficient and sent me a paypal invoice in 24 hours!

          I received two weeks after my order and was a little bit disappointed because of the quality. The chockers and the belts weren't so beautiful as I thought. They just copy models but with bad quality pieces.

          With the taxes, I think that it is not a good bargain. Unfortunately, in France, we don't have any shop to order some tribal things. So if you have good websites to recommend, I am interested!
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          Thu, July 6, 2006 - 3:34 PM
          Hmm, there are no international laws per se, but most countries are signatories to various treaties and pacts in which they have mutually agreed to enforce laws regarding intellectual property. You CAN sue someone in another country for this, but it will be difficult and costly.
          Luckily, the domain is registered within the US. You can contact them in regards to your claim.
          Most US hosting and registration companies have posted content agreements that must be followed.
          I would alert the hosting company to your situation...

          Here is what a WHOIS search pulled up; this is all public information:

          Domain ID: D96748043-LROR
          Domain Name: SILVEX.ORG
          Registrant ID: DI_342544
          Registrant Name: 4urWeb
          Registrant Organization: 4urWeb
          Registrant Street1: P.O. Box 71
          Registrant City: Fowlerville
          Registrant State/Province: MI
          Registrant Postal Code: 48836
          Registrant Country: US
          Registrant Phone: 517.2946106
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    Fri, July 7, 2006 - 12:03 PM
    Woah I so totally almost ordered something from the Silvex site a long time ago! I just never got around to it. Thank god I never did! You girls are so great looking out for eachother. Amirah, it's a very good thing that you asked before you ordered! Yikes!
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      Fri, July 7, 2006 - 3:07 PM
      I have had some good luck ordering with Silvex, but it's often hit or miss. Its pretty much like gambling. A friend of mine recently purchased the SWAT dress and it was basically some interesting embordiery sewn onto a very ugly, eighties style dress. She was pretty disappointed. So, buyer beware!

      I have had better luck with jewelry than anything else, but proceed with caution.
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        Fri, July 7, 2006 - 10:42 PM
        now i am NOT taking sides here, but i would be curious to know if any WHOLESALE purchasers have had an experience. and by wholesale i mean over $1000.00 US.
        often times with these big exporters, they really only cater to very large bulk orders. for eg:
        "hey silvex dude or dudess, i'll take 500 kuchi pendants, 2000 coins, 50 textiles, 40 chokers and why dont ya throw in about 200 pair of earrings?"
        then they ship a ginormous box which weighs a ton and you pay a lot, hence their dirt cheap prices. figure if they are going into the foodless village and buying one pendant for lets say 25 cents. they get it home and ship it. now so far they have their time and the shipping invested. tack on profit, duties, taxes, or anything else they have to pay. storage in the Us is another factor, etc, etc...YOu the US consumer still get quite the deal but alas, you dont get 500 gorgeous shining, all parts intact pendants. he bought a few camel packs of them, isnt about to go rummage through and think "hmm, dancer Lala in the US would never like this one". he simply bundles it all up, the freight cargo guys slam it about a bit, the airlines or truckers here do the same and on it goes. not to mention that often times these pieces are very very old (and on some i swear you can even smell the camel piss!). anyhoo, again i am not sticking up for poor business tactics but if he is a wholesale vendor and you are just trying to get the best deal on your $50.00 purchase, i can guarantee he doesnt care about your feelings on it. furthermore, there is also that language barrier. sometimes it is a true crutch, often times it is used to fake ignorance.
        i can tell you this tale due to my own experience on both ends-as a buyer and as a seller for a dear afghan friend who deals in hundreds and thousdands of dollars at events he does. i worked on that end for many years and learned a ton! your $50.00 like it or not, doesnt mean squat but he knows you'll wear it out and about and someone somewhere is gonna ask where you got it. it might just be his next multi-thousand dollar customer who owns a BD related biz or art gallery or antiques store.
        i hope that sort of helps to see the other side of the coin.
        again, before i get the hot tribe flame, i personally DO NOT know silvex, the business nor have i ever dealt with him/her. buyer beware. you really do often get what you pay for...
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    Sat, July 8, 2006 - 11:49 AM
    Maybe this will give you an overview of ordering from there... I've ordered plenty of times and I spend well over $1000, and I still get crappy service. Right now he has $825 of mine and won't even return my emails.
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      Sat, July 8, 2006 - 1:45 PM
      Yes, K-Lee, I was his *first* US wholesale customer, and I was burned badly as well. This topic has come up in a few places, so I am not sure where I have already posted my tales about working with Nabeel. I don't like to badmouth fellow businesspeople, but I have said my peace about my bad experiences to save my fellow dancers from something similar. I do not recommend this seller. He has told other vendors I am a reference for him, but I am not.
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    Sat, July 8, 2006 - 7:39 PM
    I ordered from them. I received some of the things that were exactly as shown, but most of it was different. It took them a long time to get the shipment to me and some of the things were not in good repair though if you buy Kuchi stuff it is gen. used, but some of it was not really usable anymore. The hip scarfs (silk and velvet) were very small. I ordered a lot of cuffs most were ok, but they were also small. I have very small wrists and I couldn't wear some of them. The harem pants and veils were ok, but I had ordered a circular veil and did not receive one. I also ordered copper coines and a copper coin belt but he was only able to provide a few copper coins and no coin belt. I did manage to reuse some of the parts of some of the well used belts for costuming.

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      Mon, July 10, 2006 - 2:28 PM
      good to know and hear from some wholesalers.
      i will post the boycott warning in bellydancer boycotts tribe. i wont mention names, you can pop in there if you want to add your own stories.
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        Mon, July 17, 2006 - 6:11 AM
        I stopped paying suppliers 100% upfront, mainly because of suppiers like Nabeel. There are others. I now will only pay 50% of the order plus all shipping. At least that way you have something to bargain with when things go wrong. I would recommend this with all suppliers because once they've had your money you have no recourse when they send rubbish. They generally complain about this but if they want your business they'll accept this.

        I was sending approximately 30% back to Nabeel beause it looked nothing like what I'd ordered or was well below standard. I have now stopped dealing with him. I couldn't afford the time to check through everything with a fine tooth comb and the grief when I needed to send stuff back. He also doesn't accept Paypal, as he says on the site and neither does he ship within 48 hours or whatever he claims now......6 weeks if you're lucky! He also screws all your books by hugely underdeclaring the value, so you end up having to backtrack and put the customs paperwork right. I asked him 3 times not to do this. Apparantly he has over 200 customers in the USA and I'm the ONLY trouble maker! Yeah right. Steer well clear.

        His parting words...."i am sure u will loose that money soon which u owe me ,,i will pray for that..."

        Sweet guy!

        Donna x
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          Mon, July 17, 2006 - 9:44 AM
          What you can also do is pay by credit card. You have 30 days to contest the purchase through the credit card company which in turn will result in a credit fraud type of ordeal between your creditor and the person you buy from.

          "How to dispute a credit card purchase." I just found out about this when I had some work done to my car and I was completely unsatisfied by their services. I had 30 days to stop payment on the payment the information is on the page I provided. You are protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

          Hope this info also helps
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            Mon, November 13, 2006 - 10:37 PM
            Ladies, I would just like to add my humble and emphatic thanks to your posts: I was *this* close to making a purchase with this guy, and *still* felt really uneasy, so I googled it--thankfully, I came across all of these posts, which only confirmed my suspicions. I wondered why I found those same pictures on other pages--I uneasily wrote it off as 'stock photos' until the image of the lady's aforementioned daughter popped up. eesh. Kinda wierd, I say. Thank you all sincerely, again. There was a lot of good input.
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              Thu, June 21, 2007 - 9:40 PM
              TERRIBLE business man!!! Dishonest and does not send same merchandise as what is advertised. Sends poor quality items , bad patterns, cheaply made and barely wearable.
              BEWARE! He also has a history of stealing other peoples photos and using as his own.
              He likes to "borrow" photos of costumes and advertise for sale on his site, once you order you will realise that it is not the same quality as what is shown in the photo, you will receive a cheap copy badly hand sewn and falling apart at the seams.
              Whoever trained this guy should no be in this business.
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    Sat, June 30, 2007 - 7:43 PM
    the website was a little dodge, but i kept a positive mind and emailed them my questions,
    I emailed that company twice with no repsonce.
    So that certainly proved how unprofessional they were and i decided not to pursue anymore.
    After now reading all the horror stories i am glad it finshed at that!!!!!

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    Sun, July 1, 2007 - 11:12 AM
    If you're even discussing the fact that you might need to get a refund or a copyright agreement from a vendor, forget about doing business with them. That should be a red flag for you. No matter how tempting, trust your instincts and stay away form too-good-to-be-true deals. Remember - you always get what you pay for.

    I work as a product designer manager for a travel accessory company that has been in business for almost 15 years and I deal with overseas vendors/contractors daily. What I can say as far as international law & such is that should a problem arise, you will not be succesful suing or whatever. Most countries (including the US) do not care about 'small potatoes' claims. If you are claiming under $100,000 they will not be assisting you and you will not recover your money.

    For example we had a recent problem with a Chinese manufacturer who simply kept our $3000 deposit despite the fact they could not make what we wanted and there has been nothing we can do to retreive it. We have tried every legal route availbe to us and we always hear the same thing - sorry, there's nothing we can do to help you.

    An NDA (non-disclosure agrement - what you sign to keep your manufacturers from making your deisgns for someone else) isn't worth the paper it's printed on overseas unless you have LOTS of $$$ (we're talking many millions). If you need exclusivity, stay in the US or Canada and pray nobody knocks you off.

    It is worth paying more for better service and products. Search out the vendors with the best reputations and ask to talk to their other clients. They should have no problem doing that if handled respectfully.
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      Wed, October 10, 2007 - 11:54 AM
      Of course. I had trouble with a U.S. vendor slandering my business name based on bogus claims of owning exclusive rights over all Indian embrodiery on belly dance costumes.
      Luckily, I know a bit about the Law and hired an attorney and now my rights are protected. It is all publicly documented by the Court for verification.

      I have many photos of the pre-existing traditional Indian motifs in old books and on vintage Indian saris. My statements are not based on false accusations, it is based on facts. I have a photo posted in my portfolio which clearly shows this look as being both traditional and common, so how can it be copyrighted if it already exists? They are just making derivitives of Indian costumes.
      They were trying to state that because they put these traditional Indian motifs on traditional belly dance costumes, that it was now their copyrighted style. Once again, as my attorney has informed me, that is not a valid copyright and if challenged in a court of Law, it would be considered void.
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        Fri, October 12, 2007 - 1:20 AM
        If anyone is interested in a USA wholesaler you may contact me. I will be seeing suppliers in a few months and accept orders of $500.00 and up. If you would like to get references of my transactions and quality of items, you may ask Amara O from Australia (ooops, maybe New Zealand) or Denise of the UK. Both have made wholesale purchases from me in the past and I think both were satisfied. Denise has been back since her first order.
        At times, items can be hit or miss. We are talking about things that are old and old things, well, they run out. Sometimes quality can be hit or miss but if you have a bellydancer (me) doing the picking out for you, they have a better mind for what it is you need.
        I will be posting my wholesale offer over in my costuming tribe, if you care to visit.
        Also, for more info on who NOT to buy from, as Samira said above, visit
        very informative!
        Good luck all
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          Fri, October 12, 2007 - 5:26 AM
          Kahlea's stuff is FANTASTIC and I would highly recommend using her, but you can PM to ask questions if you have any.

          Misses count me in for the next shopping spree!

          Much Love
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            Thu, October 18, 2007 - 11:49 PM
            I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

            I ordered about $500 of stuff and got everything I ordered without a quibble or a complaint. I paid through PayPal (though there is an additional fee to do so, I did it to protect myself) and, I loved everything I ordered and everything, except for a few of my silk skirts, I sold (and kept some for myself). I even had some folks tell me that they liked some of my skirts better than the ones that they had ordered from other sites/vendors/ebay sellers.

            I do plan on ordering again, but I'll be making sure I go through my order with a fine toothed comb to make sure I get everything I order.

            Oh! In regards to the fees and importation duties; with Silvex, that's included with your shipping fees. I had called my local office too, but then re-read either the website or an email I'd gotten and saw that.

            Is it not possible that his business practices have improved? People can, and do change.

            Just my own thoughts, for whatever they're worth. :)

            Brightest of Blessings!

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    Fri, November 23, 2007 - 11:15 AM
    I know I'm reviving an old thread here...but my troupe just recieved our order from Silvex. After reading through the good and the bad, we tried it out anyways.

    Nabeel was always very helpful and responsive through email communication.
    Our jewelry (we ordered a lot) needs some TLC with the polishing cloth, but beautiful.
    Our embroidored cholis - gorgeous
    Our tie-front silk sleeve cholies - awesome
    Ultimate metal bras - Could probably look a little cleaner with the sewing of jinglies, but I have some really good little knick knacks sewn into my bras and the garment still delivers. Halter style ties offer more side coverage, thin straps offer very little side coverage.
    Belts - If you're plus sized, plan on buying two and sort of rigging them together. I am plus size, my belt barely ties. If I wasn't loosing weight, then I'd consider selling, but I'm in the process of weight, we'll see.

    Note: If you are a very small person, the XS sizes might be too big for you in the cholis as one of our girls is extra small and her "burnt out" tops need to be taken in, but the bras fit her fine.

    Also, if you order a bra, then "up your cup" If you are an A, then order a B. If you are a C, then order a D. If you are a D....Best of luck to ya!

    All in all, the experience was a very postive one and we are very happy. We will definately be ordering from him again.
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      Re: orders from

      Sat, November 24, 2007 - 8:54 AM
      Just FYI.

      Personally i find the ethics of taking someones design, and the misleading description wrong.
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        Sun, November 25, 2007 - 6:12 PM
        Yah, I saw that yesterday about the Melodia style pants. I'm pretty sure he's probably getting those from somewhere else as the order limit is very high. Also, I have a mind to think that if a bellydancer really wants a pair of Melodia pants that nothing compares to the originals and all knock-offs are a waste of money.

        ~*Feeds quarters into the Melodia Pants piggy bank*~
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          Mon, November 26, 2007 - 10:23 AM
          It's not okay because a lot of people do it. It's unethical across the board, and is another example of bad business practices, which we can choose to support with our dollars or not.

          I was the first US vendor to work with Nabeel, back in 2001ish. Even before he had high volume sales, he was regularly making large "mistakes" on my orders. Eventually, more and more of my shipments were wrong and/or increasingly bad quality. He started using my photos from my website without my permission, and when I asked him to remove them, he removed some and not others (he is STILL using photos from my old website, some of which were NOT his products to begin with).

          He has repeated this model over and over with many vendors, who since moved on. So he focused more on troupes and one-time sales--people who he didn't have to establish a trust relationship with over time, so if his shipments were bad or wrong, he didn't lose anything long term.

          I am dismayed that with all this information, dancers are still buying from him and supporting him. Believe me, I completely understand and relate to wanting to find cheap costuming. But you get what you pay for. Frankly, there are a lot of other vendors who deserve our patronage, and who will have more consistent service over time. Please, consider spending a little more to buy ethically and better quality.
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            Re: orders from

            Thu, April 3, 2008 - 6:59 AM
            I would like to post an update regarding Silvex. Nabeel contacted me and apologised for any problems we have had in the past. He removed the photos of the costumes in question and he has gave me his word that he will not do so again.
            The Laws in Pakistan and India are different than in the U.S. which leads to these problems and misunderstandings. However, I have found that if you contact the vendors and explain the situation to them, they are usually more than willing to do the right thing. Thank you Nabeel!
            I am satisfied with the outcome of the situation and am thankful to Nabeel for doing the right thing.
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              Re: orders from

              Thu, April 3, 2008 - 10:38 AM
              And I also wanted to mention that Im sorry for stating that all his jewelry was junky and moldy. I have a great collection of good quality pieces that were sent to me from Nabeel.
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              Thu, April 3, 2008 - 12:00 PM
              Sorry, but he has proven in the past to break promises, to get belligerant with vendors, and lie. Why would a promise to "change" be believable?
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              Thu, April 3, 2008 - 12:03 PM
              And PS He is still using pictures from other vendors of items that he *never sold*--meaning what you are ordering is NOT what is in the picture. Because he STILL has images of mine on there, of costume items I procured from other vendors as much as 7 years ago. And I recognize several others of items he never offered but were taken from Ebay listings of other vendors.
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            Wed, April 30, 2008 - 8:28 PM
            Shay, you couldn't be more right. The reason it is unethical is because infringers get a free ride on someone else's back all the way to the bank.

            Most fashion is not copyrightable. What can be copyrighted are designs on the clothing, not the clothing itself. That is why it is up to decent people to not support these free loaders who benefit from someone else's work , ideas and initial investment. You would be surprised to know how much it costs to have just one prototype made.

            Melodia must have worked very hard to come up with her beautiful designs and spent quite a bit of money and time until they were just right. ... just so that some free loader can download her pictures and make cheap knockoffs. I don't know about all of you here, but I find it repulsive. Businesses that buy from such people and are making money off Melodia's work and creations or are infringers themselves try to minimize the value of the person's original work or their rights to it for obvious reasons. I am sure Melodia doesn't share those feelings. No designer who does original work would.

            A similar thing happened to me with my line but I could not protect my designs because we don't have tradedress laws for fashion in our country. This would protect the overall look of a line.
            But not all fashion is unprotected. I did apply for copyrights for the designs on my turkish line using traditional indian embroidery on belly dance costumes and they were granted by the copyright office. So rumors being spread around that there is no protection at all are false and spread around by those same people whose motives one can only guess. Rumors that if challenged any copyright can be thrown out would need to be proven in court. someone's word is again questionable.

            It is important for a designer to know that artwork done on clothing , if it is yours of course, is copyrighteable and protected by law. Lawsuits are costly and the legal system in real life is nothing like they lead us to believe in the media. So to avoid even having to get there, a designer needs to get their designs out there to leave it up to the community to do the right thing. It is important not to believe what is being spread around since it is most likely guided by self interest.

            • Re: orders from

              Thu, May 1, 2008 - 8:06 PM
              Even if a particular style of clothing may not be copyrightable, a particular photograph on someone's website IS protected by copyright. So maybe the imitator can sew their own pants or vests or whatever and take their own photographs of the imitation fashion and that would be OK, but they can't just steal a photograph from someone else's website and post it on their own website. Well, I guess they can do it (people commit rape, robbery and murder too, don't they?) but not legally.
            • Unsu...

              copyrighted photos, etc.

              Sat, May 3, 2008 - 11:54 AM
              As far as registering "traditional Indian embroidery on belly dance costumes" as your own original artwork in order to obtain a copyright status, my only suggestion is to contact the National Copyright Office or an experienced attorney to get the FACTS.
              Be sure to let them know that you are referring to registering a traditional Indian motif prior to filing for the Copyright, as this will make a big difference in whether or not it is approved. A questionable Copyright has to be challenged in a Court of Law in order for it to be proven invalid.
              Hope this helps!

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